Music production, remixing and songwriting

Music Production / Remixes / Song writing / Collaborations / Beats / Mixing / Mastering
I'm always interested in making music with different people,  so if you want to lay vocals on a house track, need synths for your pop song, beats for a hip hop track, remixes for your next trance release, music for your movie... let me know. 

Programmed music like: House, Trance, Chill, Electronic Pop, Hip Hop, is my main focus when it comes to writing and production.
When it comes to mixing and mastering I can work on a variety of styles, I've mixed everything from dubstep to acoustic ballads. If you need help with production, got ideas or want to collaborate on a track feel free to contact me»


Below are a few examples of how I sound. Check the Youtube playlists or the short audio demos in the player

House and progressive playlist

Trance / Progressive is the music genre that made me interested in music production and the genre I started out producing.

Chill Music has always been one of my prefered genres.

Pop / Rock

Hip Hop

Beats Here are a few beats.

House Remixes Here are 3 House remixes I did for Swedish artists Big Bång and Josefin Glenmark.

Summer House House music with relaxing summer sound.

Uplifting Trance Remixes Examples of trance remixes I've produced.

String Quartet This is a string quartet I wrote and recorded. The instruments are played by Wirénkvartetten.

Notation for the music.

Movie FX Here is an example of movie fx, originally this was mixed in 5.1 surround, but to make sure it works in the audioplayer this version is in 2.0.

Movie Soundtrack The main idea behind this piece of music is to give the right emotion.

Concert intro This is a concert intro I did for a friends rock band.

Record intro This is a record intro I did for a friends rock band.

Metal break This is a drum break I did for a friends Metal band.

Distant Treelines - Fall This is a track from the Swedish artist Distant Treelines, I did the recording, mixing and mastering.